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Are You Really Prepared for Your Live Event? Mesmerizing Your Audience Begins Well Before Go-Time

The countdown to your walk on stage has begun. Everything is set. You’re going to knock your live event out of the park.

Except, you forgot something. You don’t have an audience. And really, what’s a live event without an audience? No audience means you talking to a bunch of empty chairs. Not fun. And certainly no way to build a business.

I want you to remember something. Even though you have something amazing to offer the world, if you don’t have an audience there’s no way for you to make money and keep helping people.

You first built your business around helping people, and you’re well on your way helping others by leaps and bounds. But you can’t make a difference without first mesmerizing your audience.

Here’s the secret: mesmerizing your audience must begin well before your event.

Your audience is vital to your success, and they won’t just come to your live event because you’ve set up chairs. You’ve got some work to do.

Once you’ve set a date for your live event, be sure to first prepare your audience, then lead them on a path of abundance.

Prepare your audience

Even if you could fill the seats at your live event, if your audience isn’t ready to hear you, you won’t end the night with any sales.

Preparation is everything.

The marketing for your event must have a strong structure. Too many speakers ad lib and hope and pray they’ll get results. Believe me, I’ve been there. I used to market this way until I realized winging it doesn’t work.

Of course, there are moments you can ad lib, but within a structured parameter. Think of marketing like flowing within a river. You can flow freely within the river, but you can’t move the river.

Mesmerize with marketing

Here’s what I mean. When you’re sending out emails or working any of your marketing, your efforts must give VALUE in the form of an EDUCATION to solve a problem. Preparing your audience for your speaking gig must begin with education.

Remember, you’re not just selling your skills or your program. You’re mesmerizing your audience by helping them see how their lives will change. For them to believe life change can happen, you must coach them from the get-go.

If you’re selling a health system, show your audience how their lives will change. Will they lose weight, feel more energetic and get more out of life? If you’re offering expertise on publishing, show your audience how you can help them make their dream of becoming an author a reality. Structure your message so they can feel the result.

Educate and coach in your emails. Educate and coach in your live videos. Your approach to filling the seats must be all coaching all the time.

Think of the training an Olympic athlete goes through before they set foot in the opening ceremonies. Preparing for their event moment takes thousands of hours over many years. When the competition starts, they’re ready.

Is your audience ready for your live event?

Preparation is key

Neglecting to plan is never a good idea when you have an important message to offer. When you ad lib, you don’t have a strong structure to help your audience learn and grow with you.

This strategy, or lack thereof, also breeds inconsistency. Back when I was winging it, I was inconsistent, and this flaw showed. And as you’d expect, my results were inconsistent. Sometimes I booked, other times I didn’t.

Without planning, I wasn’t confident about what I was saying, which meant my audience wasn’t sure if they wanted to listen. But really, can you blame them?

How can your audience trust you if you’re inconsistent? Your audience needs to be able to trust you to take them on a path. If they aren’t sure where you’re going, you’re sunk. And if you’re sunk, they won’t go with you on this journey. Getting your audience to join you will only happen if you onboard them with a message they relate to.

Consistency breeds confidence

Conveying a consistent message starts with your marketing materials. Define your structure and begin coaching in your first message. Use the same structure in every single message you send out before the event and continue your message on stage.

Continue the path. Light the path.

Your audience will notice the road you’re taking them on, and they’ll connect with you. Something will tell them, “Her on stage message is building on her email and video messages. This makes so much sense. This is really valuable stuff. I bet she can teach me even more good stuff to help me.”

A consistent message gives your audience confidence in whatever your offering to purchase after the event. They know the material will continue on the same path. But this only works if you lead them on the path of abundance. Lead your audience into gaining ongoing value from you. You’re showing them how you’re going to help them.

Above all, please remember you’re in the business of sales and marketing. Unless you learn to sell and market effectively, you won’t get to help a fraction of people you’re meant to because you won’t be in business for long.

Mesmerize your audience well before your event so when you do step out onto the stage, you’ll definitely knock their socks off and they’ll want to continue this journey with you.

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Leading Education Based Programs is one of the most effective (and ethical) business building strategies going, bar none. And Callan Rush is a ‘Master Educator’ when it comes to all aspects of designing and delivering Workshops, Retreats, Seminars.

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