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A Guide to Branding Your Business’ Greatest Asset: You!

Once you realize your biggest asset in your business is you, everything changes.

Regardless of your market, potential buyers have options. What people are really buying the the opportunity to work with you.

Your personality will take you far when selling from the stage, however channeling your personality effectively can be hard.

To maximize your efficiency on the stage, you need to learn how to build a brand around yourself. Here’s how you can leverage your personality to make sales.

Presenting Yourself on Stage

When you take to the stage to make a sale, you are inexorably linked to what you’re selling. The audience can’t help but form a connection between you and the product or service you represent.

Putting a good foot forward is key. Find what makes you unique and likable, and put those qualities at the forefront of how you communicate with your leads.

Bringing your personality into the mix makes your sales exchanges feel more purposeful. The burden of persuading someone to buy what you have melts away, and the process turns into making a human connection. The sales script is still there. But it flows more naturally when presented within a framework reflecting your authentic self.

Remember, connection is key

When you use your personality, you can take the awkwardness out of selling. Be yourself!

When you’re standing in front of a crowd, or even one-on-one with a prospective client, you have the chance to establish a deeper connection with your potential client that could lead to a sale, either now or down the line.

You can accomplish this without getting a potential client’s life story and without furnishing your own. Use your sincerity to establish a connection and create trust.

This connection is contingent on two key factors. First, you need to be able to recognize what the client wants.

What about your product or service appeals to them?

Once you establish that, the goal becomes demonstrating those qualities in your conversation. They should see what they want, not just in the product, but also in you.

If you represent a product or service you believe in, accomplishing this shouldn’t be hard. You know what this thing is good for. The goal then becomes using your personality to communicate the experience your product or service provides.

Make your pitch second nature

At first, practice may sound counterintuitive to authenticity. If you’re being yourself on stage, why would you need to practice?

No matter how authentic you are onstage, the fact remains: you’re making a presentation.

If you want your words to come across like you’re speaking to a friend, get used to saying them. Even if you’re being honest, stuttering, stammering and unnatural pauses take your audience out of the moment.

Make the pitch second nature. When you get on stage, don’t worry about remembering everything you want to say. If you’re comfortable with what you want to say, the words will probably spill out naturally. And that means you can put all your energy into ensuring your audience connects with your personality.

You have to stay focused

Being yourself is great and all, but by the end of the presentation, never lose sight of the fact that you’re still trying to sell. After you’ve dazzled the audience by showing them who you are, you need to show them why you’re speaking to them and how you can help them.

Be firm, confident, and strong. If that’s your natural speed then, by all means, go with it. Chances are your audience will see you as a refreshing change.

There’s something authentic and inspiring about a speaker with a little bit of charisma.

All this advice can be summed up in one word: authenticity. As a speaker, it’s truly your greatest asset.

If you build a brand around your personality, the sales will follow naturally.

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