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Weird Wins: Attract the Right Clients by Embracing Your Individuality

We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them.

– Dr. Seuss

Everybody’s got their thing. We all have an inner hairbrush rock star, pet rock collector, or part-time clown within us.

Quirks and weirdness are part of who we are. So, why the heck do we suppress our quirks? Why swallow the big pill of professionalism when our inner weirdo struggles to break out?

I say be you. Be ridiculous and quirky. Embrace the quirks of your identity to attract the 5-Star Clients and business you’ve always wanted.

You gotta put the “u” back in “business.” And yes, letting your genuine personality shine in your professional relationships leads to better financial outcomes. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

I started coaching in my late twenties and I was definitely the whippersnapper of the group. Everybody was so serious and mature. So put together and buttoned up.

I felt like I couldn’t be extroverted, excited Jeanna in this scene. So yeah, I bit the bullet and created a professional (read: boring) persona.

I remember teaching a live seminar one day. I literally acted like a zombie. I was SOOO boring. I sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown: wah wah wah.

That’s when I realized professionalism doesn’t mean you become a boring, gray blob. You don’t have to be all corporate and serious to get clients.

If anything, it’s the other way around!

Personality matters

Your business and products can be the bees knees. But they don’t mean squat if nobody buys from you.

You need to stand out from the faceless masses. Grow your business by letting your ridiculousness shine through. This does two things.

First of all, you have more fun when you live your ridiculous quirks instead of hiding them.

A fun business is a successful business. You feel more motivated to pursue goals, celebrate victories, and commit to your clients. The result is more income and less financial stress.

Second, your ridiculous quirks bring in better clients. I’m serious. If you don’t want to work with serious, business-y clients, then don’t project that image. Connect with your ideal audience by just being yourself.

Genuineness is seriously the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is be yourself as you were born. No facade required.

Being real helps you better serve yourself and your clients. What’s not to love?

Put the “u” in business

Adults are accustomed to acting a certain way. We act differently around friends, family and clients.

This is so unnecessary. Follow these three tips to have more fun (and more success) running your biz.

1. Ditch the mask

Halloween is over. Ditch the mask. You can’t connect with people if you aren’t yourself.

I struggled in the early days of my career. I didn’t have a bad product or business. I just focused too hard on how I was communicating.

You can’t build trust when you’re imitating a stiff, cold business crone. If that’s who you are, that’s fine. But I bet you have a wild streak inside you somewhere. Stop suppressing your personality and be yourself.

How, you ask? The first step is addressing reality through language.

Lower your mask by updating your branding language. Allow your writing to reflect how you speak naturally. You can even use a dictation app if you’re afraid typing will make the words too uptight.

Take your realness a step further by producing videos. Create a YouTube channel and slap some talking head-style videos up there. Over time you’ll get more practice speaking as yourself — no script required.

Fine tune your message and get more comfortable being yourself, no matter the medium.

2. Connect in person

Okay, I love my smartphone as much as the next gal. But you can’t grow your business behind a screen.

If you really want to grow your biz with your personality meet clients in person. One fantastic way to do so is through speaking.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you’re an expert. You know what you’re doing. Your expertise can easily land you speaking engagements.

Expertise doesn’t mean you have to be stuffy and weird on stage. Actually, speaking in a natural, genuine way appeals way more to your audience.

Speaking engagements are work, but they pay you back big time. I know people who have filled up their calendar for the entire year from just one speaking engagement.

Don’t be afraid to show your ridiculous side. Embrace appropriate humor and your personal story in presentations.

Your potential clients can get information anywhere. What they really want is to learn in a way that’s exciting, emotional and human.

Create meaningful in-person connections that demonstrate your knowledge. Build trust in-person and grow your base of raving fans through personable presentations.

3. It’s okay to care

Masks help us cover our pain. We like putting on a hyper professional persona because we seem aloof and emotionless.

I say that’s BS! Caring is okay. I care a lot about my business and my clients, and I let them know that every chance I get. I obsess (maybe too much) over giving value to clients. I actually want to see how I change their lives.

Of course, there’s a fine balance between showing care and driving people away with, ahem, being too intense. Here’s how I demonstrate care without being a creep:

I bring enthusiasm to every interaction

My personality is informal. I love bringing that engagement and warmth everywhere I go.

No matter whether I’m chatting with clients on the phone or through an email, I focus on positivity and excitement.

Yeah, sometimes that means I rewrite emails. Or correct my tone when I slip into Serious Jeanna Voice. Remember that clients aren’t items on your to-do lists; they’re people you care about.

Marketing with the Golden Rule

How do you like to be marketed to? Do you revel in bland emails where an entrepreneur drones on about themselves?

Of course not! Show clients you care by following the Golden Rule: market how you want to be marketed to.

Avoid transactional, salesy messaging. Even if you’re upselling or pitching a product, that’s no excuse to avoid an opportunity for connection.

Let that personality sparkle. Ask the client how they enjoyed their purchase, answer questions and offer additional help.

Always, always make your marketing personal. Use your personality as a filter to show clients how your business makes them more awesome.

Give them a peek behind the curtain at your true personality. This builds brand loyalty and helps you score long term clients.

The bottom line

Life is a little bit ridiculous. Stop denying yourself and your clients a much-needed dose of fun in your business. Infuse your personality in your biz and grow a following of raving fans. Those funny quirks could be more than an embarrassing trait: they could be your meal ticket.

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Jeanna is a Master Business Coach and Chief Rabble Rouser of MasterPeace Coaching.

After 20+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” she knows, without question, you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions (even if you’ve been struggling for years).

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