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Get Specific: Why choosing a Niche is Necessary and how to do it

While it may seem counterintuitive to narrow your client attraction message to be about one urgent problem you can solve, the result is that you’ll attract more attention from your ideal clients who would otherwise not notice you.

There are 7.5 billion people in this world.  And one of the beautiful things we have in common is our humanity, where we deal with the struggles of being human on a daily basis.  And because we struggle, we all have urgent problems we are looking to have solved.

As a heart-based Coach or Holistic Practitioner, it’s natural to want to solve all kinds of problems and to not limit yourself.  We understand you may not want to turn anyone away or you might be concerned about getting bored just solving one type of problem.

We also know the work you do can likely help your clients with lots of different problems.  Your work might even address the deeper underlying spiritual issues that get masked as superficial problems.  This is why it can be difficult for Coaches and Holistic Practitioners to even consider choosing a niche.

Unfortunately, most human beings aren’t walking around looking for the deeper spiritual meaning of what is happening in their lives.  They are instead fixated on the problems that are right in front of them.  Usually, they are fixated on problems in the realms of money, relationships or health.

One of the biggest shifts you can make to help you attract more clients is to choose a specific niche within one of these three realms.  When you choose to solve an urgent problem within the realm of one of these three categories, you are meeting them where they’re at, instead of asking them to fully understand what it is you do.

Now this doesn’t mean you don’t get to do the deep inner work+-, too, so don’t worry.  You can use language that describes the urgent problem your work can solve to attract your ideal clients, and then still get to fulfill on your personal mission through what we call, “Stealth Transformation.”

And here’s another little secret that might make you feel more comfortable choosing a niche:  the niche you choose for sharing about your work doesn’t have to be the only thing you do to support your clients.  But it can be a gateway to get started in working together and then you can continue to work with each other for years, if it’s a good match.

Now that we’ve discussed some reasons you might not be open to choosing a niche and why it’s important, let’s talk about how to choose a niche that would light you up and have you feel excited to work with your clients.

How do you find your niche?

So, how do you discover your niche? There are a few critical questions to ask before committing.

Think about your life experiences, skills and gifts.  Ideally, we’ll find the intersection between all three of these things.  But let’s start with major life experiences.  Consider the major challenges and traumas you’ve overcome and all the wisdom you have to share around these issue.  Could one of these major challenges be a problem you support other people with?  For example, when we first started to build our Coaching and Acupuncture practices back in 2002, we struggled and fell flat on our faces because we couldn’t use sales tactics that felt out of integrity for us.  When we got a divine download and started using this system, clients started coming quickly.  So we now teach Coaches and Holistic Practitioners how to attract more clients using this heart-based, holistic system.

Some other examples from our clients:

  • A naturopathic doctor who helps rid people of digestive problems
  • An acupuncturist who helps couples who haven’t been able to get pregnant
  • A life coach who helps women get rid of the food crazies and stop emotional eating
  • A nutrition consultant who helps people who are suffering from adrenal fatigue
  • A life coach who shows women who are dealing with heartbreak to start dating again
  • A psychic channel that helps business owners with their next steps
  • A Queer couple who started LGBTQ Entrepreneur
  • A counselor who now helps people with their next career move

Do you see how any of these Coaches and Holistic Practitioners could choose any problem to focus their client attraction efforts on, but instead chose to narrow to a specific, urgent problem?  Every single one of them had their first $10,000+ month after choosing their niche…And, they work with clients they love who come easily to them.

Now it’s your turn.

What experiences have shaped the person you have become?

You are much better suited to support someone to have a deep transformation because you have triumphed over the same hardships. You don’t have to have the answer to every question they might have, but your experience provides great wisdom. And you don’t have to be perfect in this area either; you just have to be two steps ahead in order to provide guidance and support.


Connect deeply with their hearts

Once you have chosen the urgent problem you want to solve and for whom, it’s time to discover how they share about their problem so you can start to craft your “What do you do?” statement.

Facebook makes this easy for you.  You can discover how they talk about their challenges by joining Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out and reading their posts and comments.

You can also just start putting it out there that this is how you’re helping people and start offering Free Consultations where you’ll have a chance to get to know your ideal client and see if it’s a good match to work together.

When you ask about their biggest challenges, they will share from their hearts.  You’ll start to discover themes after you’ve done 5-10 consultations.

What if I can’t commit?

If you’re worried about choosing your niche because you feel can’t make a decision, we invite you to take a small step instead of a big leap.

Start by brainstorming a list of the major life experiences that have shaped your life.  Stick with mundane problems that prompted you to make a major positive change in your life.  Circle three problems you could see yourself choosing as a possible niche

Sit with the idea of choosing one of these problems as your niche for three days.  Join a few Facebook groups to learn more about the people you’re considering serving.

Do this experiment with each of the three niches.
And notice which problem you feel most aligned with solving.

Choose an experimental niche

Now that you’ve done a little homework, we invite you to commit to this experimental niche for three months.  Why?  Because when you share about what you do, other people will likely have referrals for you.  You’ll likely get clients because you’ll stand out from every other Coach or Holistic Practitioner who offers the same modality.  And you’ll learn more about what it takes to attract clients by actually putting yourself out there in the wrong niche, rather than waiting to find the right one.
For some people, it takes time to discover your niche and others nail it the first time they try one out.  Be patient with yourself and know that it’s all a learning process.

If you really want to change the world, it’s best to focus on one problem you can help people solve and become an expert in this area.  This means more clients and supports you to be a thought leader people will want to work with. People need your help.

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