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Go the Distance: Retreat Extras that Multiply Profit Long After the Fun

You’ve just spent five transformative, magical days with your clients in a dream location. You shared your expertise and your clients shared their stories. Maybe things even got intense and you formed lifelong bonds.

And if you priced your retreat properly, you netted some great profit.

Now what?

Your clients are back in the real world, working to apply their transformative experiences to their everyday lives. But they need your guidance.

So don’t let your retreat be just a one-time event in their lives. Make the experience a jumping-off point to create long-term relationships with your clients and add revenue to your bottom line.

There are some great reasons to add follow-up programs to your retreat offering.

Add serious income to your retreats

Your retreat profit doesn’t have to end when flights depart.

While retreats, when properly priced, can net you $10,000 or more, don’t limit your earnings to your participants’ fees. A follow-up program can easily double your net profit.

Prices will vary depending on the frequency and quality of the program, but expecting $5,000 to $50,000 from a follow-up program with eight or ten participants isn’t unreasonable.

After a 15-person retreat, 10 people might sign up for an eight-week follow-up group coaching program. If you charge $500 per person, that’s $5,000 in additional income. Longer, in-depth coaching nets much higher profits.

Or create a year-long group coaching program that culminates in another retreat!

What’s more, you won’t have to spend time and money marketing your program. Your retreat participants are already primed to work with you, so advertising and searching for clients isn’t necessary. They’ve already been wowed by your expertise, so they’re the perfect audience to start a coaching program.

And bonus: when you’re ready to fill your next retreat, you have a tight-knit audience primed to take a few spots.

Don’t leave your clients hanging

On your retreat, you watched your clients grow and transform. Now, they’re working to continue that change at home, and they need your continued guidance.

Make even more of an impact by staying in touch with your clients after the retreat. An ongoing coaching program will help them process everything they experienced. They’ll have one more incentive to continue the work they started. And you can support them as they expand and integrate what they learned into their lives.

A follow-up program brings attendees back together to continue their transformation and to stay in touch with each other — and you.  Post-retreat group coaching strengthens client relationships and gives you another place to set up future programs.

Go deeper

No doubt your retreat will cover a lot of ground, but you can’t possibly fit all your teachings into one short week — especially if you leave time for relaxation. And, your retreat agenda is likely only a small part of what you teach.

While you’re planning your event, be strategic about the amount of material you share during your retreat. This sets you up for a follow-up program your clients will naturally want to take part in, because they know you have more to offer.

Some of your clients might be interested in a more intensive deep-dive. Follow-up private coaching. either immediately after your retreat or at the end of the group coaching program. is another way to add income.

Extras at the retreat

Keep increasing your impact (and your profit) by looking for more ways to connect with your clients during and after your retreat.

Some clients will be interested in more private one-on-one time with you. Schedule five to six hours of personalized coaching, or VIP days, immediately after your retreat to help your clients continue the work they started.

Intensives, 10 to 12-hour private work sessions, can be scheduled immediately before and after your retreat. Your clients can prepare for the retreat, or explore a new topic, without having to pay for extra travel costs.

You can even use your downtime during the retreat.

While other clients are reading or at the spa, book one-on-one sessions with clients who want to meet privately. This is the perfect opportunity to delve into an issue that’s come up in a session or discuss a more sensitive topic the client isn’t comfortable sharing with the group.

With the right scheduling, you can book one intensive and two VIP days per retreat, plus several one-on-one sessions.

With VIP days starting at $1,000 and intensives going for triple the cost, plus whatever you choose to charge for one-on-one sessions, these extras can add a lot to your bottom line.

Plan ahead to follow-up

Don’t let your retreat become a one-time event. Even if you’re just starting out in the retreat business, plan to increase your profits before your retreat even begins.

With the right planning, you’ll create a deeply transformational event that’s also a money-maker.

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Dr. Sheri Rosenthal is a business coach, international retreat leader and author. A former podiatric surgeon, Sheri left behind a successful practice, a surgical residency program which she personally designed and directed (and a couple of husbands) to find her life’s calling. She spent eight years traveling, meditating and studying ancient traditions of spiritual evolution — writing three books on personal growth and consciousness.

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