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Jetset Your Way to a Thriving Business, Life-Changing Impact and Five-Figures

Are you a heart-based, purpose-driven entrepreneur who’s ready to add five-figure income to your business? Do you want to make an even BIGGER impact in your clients’ lives? And are you aching to jet off to a stunning location and see the world?

Transformational destination retreats combine your love of travel with your passion for helping people.

Retreats amplify your impact. Your niche doesn’t matter: business, wellness, spirituality — you can make a bigger difference by offering retreats.

A transformational destination retreat isn’t a workshop in a pretty place! A retreat is a special, intimate way for your clients to grow through your guidance, with the environment (a to-die-for location) supporting the journey.

As a retreat leader, you won’t find yourself standing in front of a class at a conference center only to adjourn to play on the beach when learning time is over. Instead, you’ll be smack-dab in a hot-to-trot location (think some of the most intriguing destinations on earth), leading your group on mind-blowing experiences sure to drive home your teachings in a way a workshop never could.

Feed your wanderlust

When you travel, your whole world changes. Adding retreats to your business gives you a globe-trotting lifestyle experiencing other cultures and meeting new people.

On a retreat, you’ll take your clients on a once-in-a-lifetime transformative journey.

Traipsing through a farm in the Pacific Northwest during the peppermint harvest to show your aromatherapy clients how much work goes into making a tiny bottle of essential oil.

Parading down the streets of Paris to get custom-fitted for clothing in the sartorial capital of the world so your clients finally start to feel confident about their body image.

Participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony — in Japan, of course, amongst the cherry blossoms — to drive home the importance of ritual and history.

Ziplining through the Amazon as you guide your clients through facing their biggest fears — starting with their fear of heights!

What a big difference from a Saturday workshop in a bland conference center!

Your location options are nearly limitless. Just choose a setting with activities to support your teachings. The perfect retreat destination offers experiences your clients can’t turn down.

By adding retreats to your business, you get to decide how often you travel. You can even live in a new location for a month or two, running retreats and meeting with clients — or, just planning one or two retreats each year. Create your retreats based on the life you want.

Make a difference

On a retreat, you’ll work with your clients face-to-face, for five days (or longer) in a far-away locale. There’s no better way to build intimacy and trust in a group. You’ll have access and touchpoints you just can’t get through an online program or even a workshop.

Use the intimate setting, unique experiences and your amazing leadership and guidance to create deep, lasting, transformative changes for your clients.

When you help your clients solve their problem and give them experiences they’ll never forget, they’ll leave your retreat transformed, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Make more money

True or false: $10,000 is a lot of money to expect from a retreat.

False! Ten thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money to make from a one-week retreat — and maybe you’ve run a retreat before and didn’t net nearly as much income — but with every retreat, you should take home AT LEAST $10,000.

Too good to be true? With well-planned pricing, you should net $700 per person. A retreat filled with 15 people means $10,500 profit, after all your expenses. Plus, follow-up programs and add-ons can easily double your profits.

You can make up to six figures on a single retreat with add-on programs!

Of course, money isn’t everything. You’re in business to help people. But with the right pricing, you can add money to your bottom line while doing what you love. More money could change your business and your life.

To make sure your retreat is profitable, you’ll need to properly price your retreat by valuing your time and effort. Planning is also crucial. There’s nothing sadder than a canceled retreat because people didn’t sign up, or taking a financial loss because all the expenses weren’t accounted for.

You can create life-changing, lucrative retreats your clients will rave about. I’ve planned literally hundreds of retreats — I’ve seen everything — so I know the right way to design, price, promote and sell-out the retreat of your dreams.

If you’re ready to make a bigger impact, travel the world and even increase your income, find out more with The 5 Steps for Creating Your Five-Figure Retreat. You’ll get my top retreat tips, tools, training and trade secrets.

When you add retreats to your business, you’ll have the opportunity to change your clients’ lives, and change your life too.

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Dr. Sheri Rosenthal is a business coach, international retreat leader and author. A former podiatric surgeon, Sheri left behind a successful practice, a surgical residency program which she personally designed and directed (and a couple of husbands) to find her life’s calling. She spent eight years traveling, meditating and studying ancient traditions of spiritual evolution — writing three books on personal growth and consciousness.

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