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You Get What You Give: How to Hustle Your Way Out of a Slump

Ever feel like you’ve plateaued? Maybe you aren’t advancing your business or career at the same pace you used to. Or maybe you aren’t even meeting your current goals. Don’t worry, stagnation can happen to anyone. When it does, there are a few actions you can take to give your process a jolt and once again produce desired results.

Breathing new life into a routine that has let you down is hard to do. But the ability to do so is what separates the very best at their craft from the rest of the pack. Your willingness to hustle until you reach your goal — and then some — will propel your business to the next level.

Here’s how you can start meeting, and even exceeding, your goals every time.

Have a clear goal

The first thing you need to do is to establish very clear objectives. This is a common theme among top performing athletes, business people, politicians and more. Most successful people got where they are by setting and meeting expectations.

There’s a very simple reason for this. If you aren’t clear on what you want to accomplish, there’s no way to assess your progress in getting there.

Keep in mind, your goal doesn’t need to begin and end with a dollar amount. In fact, I’d recommend keeping a dollar amount goal off the table.

There are many different metrics of success. Example? You might have a goal to make five sales in one day. Five sales in a day is a great goal, but when you focus so heavily on sales, you ultimately ignore a healthy chunk of your process.

You could set goals for how many conversations you have with potential customers. Or, how many leads you generate. These metrics give you a much more robust understanding of your progress and a clear, easy path to chart future growth.

If your sales goal is five new clients or sales per day for a month, you may be able to increase your goal the next month if you’re also generating plenty of leads.

Of course, you can’t just make goals. You have to stick to them as well.

Approach each day with a clear number in your head and do everything you can to avoid throwing in the towel until those goals have been met or exceeded.

Having a specific idea of what you need to accomplish helps you consistently perform at a high level.

Stick to your process

There’s a lot of value in having a routine consistently applied to everything you do on the job. Maybe you only have the bandwidth to speak with thirty potential leads a day.  Make thirty the number of conversations you will have without rushing.

When you feel pressured to meet a goal, you may be tempted to substantially increase the number so you have a better chance of making more sales.

The problem? Quantity over quality. You’d be better off having a thoughtful sales conversation with thirty people than rushed conversations with forty.

If you’ve crafted your process purposefully, then trust your process and stick to the plan, even when you’re working against the clock.

Don’t use this as an excuse to be inflexible. Plans are great, but things happen! Be open to change when needed but don’t alter your plan for no good reason. If it ain’t broke …

You have to hustle

Most of your problems, be they business or life problems, can be solved by putting in just a bit more effort. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, working harder is the best way to move forward. And I’m not talking about busy work here. Effort isn’t useful when arbitrarily applied.

However, if you take the first two things we talked about today — goal setting and devotion to a good process — and pursue them with everything you’ve got, you’re going to start seeing better results.

“Hustling” doesn’t necessarily mandate a complete overhaul of your workday. In fact, frantic, unguided effort isn’t helpful or sustainable. Instead, go for a steady improvement you can realistically execute long-term.

Just 10 percent more effort can boost your sales, increase your productivity and still get you home in time for dinner. Maybe you’ve got to generate two more leads a day than you usually do. Maybe you’ve got to close a couple more sales a month than you have been.

No matter the goal, when you hustle, you consistently put yourself in a position to succeed.

Even if you aren’t the most experienced, intelligent or qualified person for a task, hard, deliberate work can be enough to ensure your success, anyway.

Remember, there’s no traffic in the last mile. If you outwork everyone else, you’ll quickly find you’re consistently coming out ahead.  No matter who you are, you’ll go farther jogging than you did walking.

Grind out hard work

So much of success is a result of simply grinding out hard work. Most of the time, the person who’s willing to push themselves the farthest will be the one who gets the best results.

Sales aren’t just a matter of willpower. You also need to be thoughtful. Setting clear goals, and developing and sticking to a process to help you achieve them are invaluable aspects of success.

Your desire to succeed can take you places if channeled properly. You have to hustle. Not tediously, but with clear purpose rooted in a reliable, intelligent process.

Meeting and exceeding your goals is possible when you find the right approach and commit to the process with all you’ve got and remember, businesses don’t run out of money, they run out of ideas!

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