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Stop Settling: Here’s How to Shake Things Up, Clarify Your Goals, and Reach Those 5-Star Clients

I’ve never been one to twiddle my thumbs. If there’s something I want, I go for it. Well, actually, I lunge for it.

Like a moth to a flame, I’ve learned to go after what I desire. But pursuing your dreams isn’t always easy, especially as an entrepreneur. Mired in fear, money stress, or inadequacy, entrepreneurs often feel stretched too thin.

When you’re faced with this situation, you and I both know something has to change. But nothing will change if you add the same inputs over and over again.

No, you need to shake things up. You have to go all-in to achieve success.

Your biz should help you live the life you want. Find the courage and confidence to seek out your 5-Star Clients to create the business of your dreams. Hop on the Confidence Wagon and just do it, already!

Yesterday was the best time to get started on your goals. You can seize your moment right flippin’ now to achieve your goals.

Fulfill your dreams—no, really

No wishing on a star required, honest. Work toward the life and business you want. No, the life you need.

Follow these steps to identify your goal, clarify a path to success, and finally open yourself up to joy.

1. Identify your white whale

I want you to pursue your goals with the single-minded determination of good old Captain Ahab. You need to find your white whale: your elusive, beautiful goal.

Start by asking yourself a simple question: “What am I tolerating right now?” In other words, what pants-on-fire problem are you not working on right now? You know, the problem you’re trying to push off but know you need to address?

Take inventory of the possessions, situations, and people in your life. Where are you settling for less? I’m all for managing expectations and being cautious, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate anything less than what you know you need.

Maybe you’re delaying buying a new computer, because it’s too expensive. Or maybe you don’t want to find a mentor because that requires a lot of time. Whatever it is, identifying your tolerances will help you find your white whale.

Also, did you notice how white whale isn’t plural? There’s a good reason for that: You can’t overhaul everything in your life at once.

Now isn’t the time to change your love life, business relationships, and health all at the same time. Try to do everything, and you’ll get nothing done, I promise. That’s the perfect recipe for overwhelm and negativity.

You can’t achieve your goals when you feel negative. Vibrate to a positive frequency and find what needs work.

Remember, delaying problems isn’t the answer. Wake up and just do it now!

2. Focus on your ideal outcome

Let’s say you identified your white whale. You know you want more 5-Star Clients but you aren’t sure where in the world to begin.

The best place to begin is by envisioning your outcome. Focus on your absolute ideal, best-case scenario.

Put pen to paper and write down your ideal outcome. If you want more clients, your ideal outcome might be, “I found my perfect clients. My business is doing extremely well.”

Notice how I’ve stated the goal in the past tense? Speaking to yourself this way helps you envision your success.

Live like you’ve already achieved your dreams; like they’re already within your grasp. The Law of Attraction is on your side when you envision your goals to be within spitting distance.

3. Appreciate what’s working

Identifying the problem and stating your desired outcome sounds a little negative though, doesn’t it? We’re focusing so much on what isn’t working. Sometimes we forget the good things we already have.

Now is the time to appreciate what’s working in your situation. Acknowledge the positive.

Maybe your existing clients are friendly and you share the same goals. Maybe your clients help you pay your bills. Even one positive is enough.

Focusing on the positive makes your white whale of a goal less colossal. Goals are less intimidating when you recognize they won’t make or break you.

When we eliminate intimidation and fear, we can fearlessly pursue our goals. The Universe has a funny way of working in your favor once fear steps aside.

Drop the fear and embrace inspiration.

4. Take action

Guess what? Today is the day you take action on your goal.

Stagnation is harmful. You never want to live in a limbo between your ideal business and current situation.

There’s zero joy in that. And when you can’t find joy in your biz, you can’t attract the things you desire, like your 5-Star Clients.

Stop making up reasons not to work toward your goal. You’re a smart, resourceful person. You already know how to get what you want.

Outline a roadmap to your goal. Write down your roadmap and assign dates for each milestone or task.

Keep yourself honest and get on the road to conquering your white whale.

The bottom line

I can shout about success until I’m blue in the face. Ultimately, success comes from how you vibrate joy into the Universe. Every moment is a chance to embrace more positivity.

Stop delaying the joy in your life with stagnation. Move forward with action to build more fun into your life and business.

The result is better clients, a better business and a better life. Twiddle your thumbs no more and achieve your dreams.

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Jeanna is a Master Business Coach and Chief Rabble Rouser of MasterPeace Coaching.

After 20+ years of liberating business owners from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” she knows, without question, you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions (even if you’ve been struggling for years).

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