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Master The Profitable Art of the Free Consult

Do Free Consultations still work? Absolutely! And in order to be successful, you have to know how to deliver them so your ideal clients get to an enthusiastic and wholehearted Yes.

Authenticity and heartfelt communication are the key elements to any consult, no matter what your business.

But if you’re reading this article, you probably understand the value free consults offer. The trick is transforming that understanding into action that grows your business. Here’s how.

Why free consults work

If done properly, free consultations can become an essential tool to grow your customer base. Here’s why they work.


During your consult, your potential client will reveal exactly what they’re looking for. If what you offer will solve their problem, you’ve got a good match.  Honestly, we wouldn’t do it any other way.

Test drive

You should be interviewing your potential client just as much as they are you. These early moments will show you if the potential client is fit for what you have to offer and if you will enjoy working with them.

Practice, practice, practice

Not every consult will turn into a paying client. But every consult is an opportunity to connect with people and learn more about their struggles and desires.  You’ll practice inviting people to work with you. You’ll discover their biggest concerns. And so every consult you give will help you better serve your ideal clients and increase your future conversion rates.

Increase conversion

The more consults you give, the higher percentage of people will say Yes. As you discover their needs and concerns, you learn how to better address them–and therefore, serve your people more deeply. After studying our “Get Clients” Free Consultation Formula, our clients see 42% on average of their consults turning into paying clients within the first 30 days. And many of our clients see 60-70% conversion after 6-12 months.

Gain referrals

Even if your consult doesn’t turn into a client, this person may turn into a referral. And referrals are essential to grow your customer base.

At Thrive Academy, we provide members with training and conversation templates to help them ask for those always-important referrals. Even if a client isn’t ready to lean-in just yet, they may know someone who might be a good match.

How free consults can work for you

Asking for and giving free consultations is tricky.  People may assume you’re trying to sell them something.  And you are offering consults as a way to bring in new clients. But there’s a way to do this so they understand that they will walk away with a big shift, as well as have a conversation about continuing to work together, if it’s a good match.

Have a plan

Know what you’re going to say. Use the Thrive templates when offering and delivering your free consults. This helps you to make sure you cover the essential questions that both provide value and move them closer to a Yes, when it’s a good match.

Establish expectations

Set expectations before you even schedule the consult, so they know what they will walk away from the consult with. Make sure they know that they’ll get crystal clear about where they are, where they want to be and what’s in the way. Let them know they will get solid recommendations for how to move toward their vision. And if it seems like a good match, you’ll talk about continuing to work together.

Maximize your time and energy

Consider giving your free consultation over the phone or on a video conferencing app. You’ll eliminate travel time (and expenses) and energy (you will be able to better use templates so you can be more fully present with your potential client).

Develop a brand

Create a “Cool Name” or brand for your consultations. We have materials to help you come up with a creative, concise name that will make it more likely people will say Yes.

Save some for later

This goes without saying, but don’t give away the farm! Give your potential client two solid recommendations that are immediately actionable, so they get immediate value and have a sense of what you have to offer.

When done poorly, a free consultation can be just as damaging as it can be helpful. What separates the two is your attitude and willingness to help.

When done well, your potential client will have an experience with you that is friendly, generous, empowering, fun and heartfelt. There’s nothing more important than making sure your clients feel gotten and cared for during the consult, so they understand they will have this same experience when they’re working with you.

If you want to learn more about the templates and materials mentioned here, drop us a line. Your people are waiting for you!

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