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The Secret Map to Discovering Your Soul-Guided Niche and Joining Your Tribe

Discovering your niche can be a frustrating exercise, especially because of how the current business world educates people. One of the primary reasons is that many business leaders teach you to focus on the niche itself. They say you should seek an unexplored area of the market, but I think this is the exact opposite of how finding your niche should be.

I believe your biggest asset is authenticity — being true to yourself and exploring what you alone can bring to the market.

Why these strategies fail

All of the typical marketing strategies fall short, but not necessarily because they aren’t effective. They fail to measure up, because they don’t take the biggest factor into account: you. If you’re anything like me, you’re frustrated by the one-size-fits-all approach and are ready to pursue a customized solution.

Another problem with these marketing strategies is their end goal. Most of them are designed with the typical internet entrepreneur’s dream in mind: work from home, set your own hours and make money while you sleep. Those aren’t bad things, but they don’t fulfill your deepest desires.

What pushes you

The yearning, pushing, insatiable hunger inside of you is your calling, and you won’t be happy until you satisfy this inner voice. A calling is your soul crying out to express itself in a deeper meaning: to make a difference in the world. You have a tribe — a group of people ready to receive your message — waiting to hear from you.

This is the one square inch where you can drill a mile deep. Many marketing professionals try to map a known market onto you. But you don’t fit a mold, you’re a trailblazer. You’re ready to open a new territory and a market niche that has never been fully explored.

Where’s the map?

The problem you’re probably facing is you’re not sure exactly how to identify the area. You’ve likely tried several things before and didn’t get the response you wanted. Sometimes you get the wrong audience, you might have received a poor response or you may not have been able to make your work profitable.

You know you’re missing the mark, but you’re not sure why or by how much. You don’t know what the next step is. You’ve arrived at a fork in the road, a point of frustration where you only see two options:

  1. Market something that is watered-down and is supposed to work but doesn’t.
  2. Market the truth of your work but fail to make a sustainable profit.

Neither option is appealing. Remember, though, you’re a trailblazer. Just because the fork in the road only offers two options doesn’t mean you can’t find your own path. I’ll show you how to discover your own way.

Finding your tribe

This approach requires you to flip traditional marketing strategy on its head. Rather than mapping the market onto you, I want you to map yourself onto the market. I go into more detail about each of these steps in my free handbook, Your Soul-Guided Niche.

The first step is discovering what I call your Life Ph.D. This is where your core childhood wounds have given you a unique education and platform to speak to others. The members of your tribe have encountered the same wounding experiences and yearn for someone to speak truth to them.

When you speak their language, you speak straight to their hearts. People buy with emotion and justify their purchases with logic. Your previous attempts have likely been marked by a logical approach. You had a solid product or service priced well, and you followed all the right advertising steps. Those times, however, were when you didn’t know your tribe.

Decode the pattern of your struggles, and you’ll identify your target market. So if you felt worthless growing up, many of your future clients felt the same way. If you struggled with wounds of betrayal from those you trusted, you can speak to people who have suffered the same pain.

Identifying your life Ph.D

First, write down five specific times when you experienced pain, trauma or struggle. You don’t have to show this to anyone, so you have the space to be as vulnerable as possible.

When your list is complete, sit back and ask yourself how those things made you feel. What beliefs did you adopt to try to reason with these experiences? Some of the statements I commonly encounter include “I’m stupid,” “I’m unwanted,” “I’m unlovable” or “I’m a failure.”

Reflect on how those beliefs have shaped your world. What choices have you made in your life to counteract those thoughts? How have you forged your life to compensate for these beliefs? I often see people with false ideas about being a failure push themselves to succeed at everything.

These core wounds almost always have roots in early childhood, and you’ve spent decades compensating for them. This area is the educational field in which you’ve received your Life Ph.D. You’re intimately aware of the ins and outs, ups and downs of this struggle. And that has equipped you to speak truth to your tribe.

Focusing on your audience

The three major categories where you can serve your tribe include health, wealth and relationships. Although you can help clients with problems across all of these areas, you should focus primarily on one.

Identify the common problem people with your core wounds experience in this area and how you’re uniquely prepared to help them. The basic equation here is behavioral pattern + symptom = niche.

There’s so much more

This is just a brief, broad overview of the process, and I have so much more to tell you. I invite

you to download my free guide and explore my Tribal Marketing site for some incredible resources.

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Jeffrey Van Dyk is the creator of the Tribal Marketing System: a revolutionary body of work that helps service-based business professionals identify precisely who their unique “tribe” is.

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