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The Surefire Way to Blow Your Live Event Deal — and How to Do it Right

Winding down your speech at your live event is an exciting time. You’ve been anticipating this glorious moment of your presentation. Here’s your chance to sell your deal to your audience — the same audience who came to see YOU and listen to what you have to say. Now you can finally turn these leads into paying customers and grow your business!

Here’s the thing, though. The deal portion of a presentation is where many speakers fall apart. Instead of knocking the deal out of the park, presenters offer their deal in a very unappealing way. I’ve seen so many presenters scratch their heads, wondering what happened. Why didn’t their audience catch their vision?

Because they crafted their live event deal wrong.

Typically, when you begin something, you start at the top. In the case of a live event, presenters usually craft their offer by writing, from the top, what their live event deal’s going to be, as if they were delivering from the stage.

They calculate what to say and in what order. They figure out how they’ll say what the audience will get and for what price. I’m here to tell you this is the absolute wrong place to start. Don’t do this. Starting with finesse is the wrong way to craft your event deal.

Why finesse can’t come first

Playing with wording, or finesse, can be a fun part of preparing for your presentation. But finessing is the worst place to start when crafting your live event deal. You can’t articulate a powerful offer until you’ve done the strategic work to get clear on the facts.

Facts first, finesse second. Always.

Before you can finesse, you have to decide what you’ll offer your audience and for how much money. You must be thorough about this. Get crystal clear on the concrete nuts and bolts of the transaction. Answer these questions:

  • What will your audience get in exchange for their hard-earned dollars?
  • What package of programs, products and services can they obtain, and for how much?

Taking time to put together an effective deal ensures you make whatever you’re offering as irresistible as possible to your ideal clients. Unfortunately, so many presenters don’t take enough time figuring out the facts. They breeze through this step way too quickly.

So slow down, and craft your offer intentionally.

Missing the primary problem means missed opportunities

People will listen to you speak because you’re helping them solve a problem. But through the course of the presentation — if you’ve presented right — your audience should come to realize this problem of theirs isn’t the main problem. What they came to have solved by you is just a symptom!

Extra weight, lack of money, lack of love, too much clutter or whatever else they may struggle with are just symptoms. Your job is to help them realize what they think is their problem is not the root cause of their pain. And that you can help them identify the actual issue.

Don’t miss addressing this primary problem.

If you just address their symptom and miss the main problem altogether, you missed the opportunity to sell your deal. Because if you’re already helping them figure out how to fix their symptom, what else do they need from you? An audience who leaves without needing anything else is an audience who won’t spend money.

Take the time to craft your live event deal to show your audience what they really need. Think about these questions:

  • How will you add value to your audience?
  • What do they need to not only fix the symptom, but what does the symptom point to as being their primary problem?

The answers to those questions are everything.

Your deal will center around how your offer can solve this main problem. One example is people who drowning in debt. Debt is actually just a symptom of a real problem. Through the course of your presentation, your audience will learn they really lack financial literacy. And your deal explains how they can, through your courses, gain that financial literacy.

Once you’ve become absolutely clear on the facts, now you can finesse.

Finessing the wrong way

Have you been to a presentation where there’s an obvious switch from “valuable information mode” to “selling mode?” The audience gets visibly uncomfortable, shifting in their seats or even slipping out the door.

Crafting your live event deal must be seamless. Your way of speaking has to keep adding value from beginning to end.

But even the most seamless presenters tend to do something wrong — they don’t give their audience a physical break.

I’m not talking about an actual break or intermission where they can walk around the conference center. I mean a mini break or refocus.

By the time you get to the “deal” portion of your presentation, your audience has been sitting and listening for a while. They may be restless. The lead-up, right before the deal, is where you’ll do a simple physical state change to wake everyone up and get them re-enrolled and refocused, so they become active again.

Don’t let your audience just sit and listen at this point. Have them stand, say something to their neighbor, high five — something to get them back in the game.

Timing is everything

Now comes the deal portion of your presentation, which of course, is seamless. Don’t just jump in full force, though. The worst thing to do now is simply state your offer without any buildup!

Yes, your audience knows they need what you’re selling. But they aren’t emotionally invested. They aren’t all in quite yet. So tell a story to draw them in. Provide statistics to pique their interest.

Next, educate them on why what your saying is true. Think of what you’re doing as building stairs to your deal. You’re walking the audience through a process to the point where the inevitable next step needing what you’re offering. I like to call this the “peak point” where things get really exciting.

Don’t let your excitement for presenting overtake crafting your live event deal the right way. Make sure to start in the right place so your presentation can end in the right place — with an audience ready to buy.

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