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Don’t Bore … Inspire! How to Refresh Your Website to Make Your Retreat Irresistible 

You’ve designed an amazing transformational destination retreat for your clients in a to-die-for location. You’ve planned unique, engaging activities in perfect alignment with your teachings. All you need is clients!

Your retreat page is one of your greatest selling tools, use it to your advantage! This resource is an overview of your event, an introduction to you and the place where your clients will ultimately sign up to work with you.

But too many retreat websites are underwhelming or even a little embarrassing. They focus on the leader rather than the clients. They bore folks with details about certifications and the process. They present the retreat’s best features like an agenda with bullet points copy-and-pasted from the venue’s website. And they lose clients by making them search for more information.

If your retreat page is lackluster, or you’re just starting to create one, learn how to design an online experience to wow your clients and sell your retreat.

Stop talking about yourself

And start talking about your clients. Statements like “I’m a spiritual guru” or “I’m a creative movement healer” shouldn’t be front and center on your retreat page. Your audience doesn’t care what your modality is, or if you have 20 years’ experience and five certifications. They want to know how you can help them.

They have real, pressing problems keeping them up at night. They could be heartbroken or lonely struggling to be a leader at the office. Whatever their issue, market your retreat as the resolution.

You need to know their problem, decide how to solve the problem and write about a feasible solution. Think about your match-made-in-heaven client, then write to her specifically. Consider what she wants from your retreat and how you want her to feel.

Let’s say she’s a dedicated professional who feels like she isn’t making a difference in the world. She comes to your retreat page and reads you’re a life coach with 20 years’ experience who’s offering a seven-day global citizenship retreat. Is she enticed to join you? Probably not.

But what if she learns you help hard-working executives pursue passion projects, and you’re inviting her to spend seven days on the other side of the world to discover how she can impact change while managing a demanding career? What a difference!

Write juicy copy to speak to your clients

Formal language and industry-speak aren’t required for business websites. But if your retreat page is peppered with airy-fairy phrases like “disconnected from my inner goddess,” or “struggling to tap into the universe’s divine light,” take a step back.

Are those the terms your clients would use to describe their problems? Probably not.

Write with the same language you’d use if you were chatting on the phone with a client or having lunch with friends. Chances are, you speak in a way they understand. Now apply the same style to your website!

Then, go ahead and add some excitement to your copy. Start with a scintillating title. “Five-day NYC body-image retreat” is descriptive but boring. “Sexy-in-the-City Femme Vitale Retreat” is a possible title for the same retreat and is so much more enticing and fun!

Draw your clients in with descriptive details that make their eyes pop. Describe your retreat so your dream client is desperate to join in. So when you talk about the activities, make them feel like they can’t miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. When you write about meals, don’t just list the options: make their mouths water. By the time folks finish reading your retreat page, they should be ready to book their flights.

Tell your story

At least your bio should be about you, right? Well … sort of. Overview your background and hint at your qualifications, but ultimately, show your clients how you can solve their problems.

And skip the resume. Your clients don’t care where you went to school, or how many years you spent at your last desk job. They want to know why they should trust you to help them. You’re asking total strangers to fly across the world and share part of their lives! They don’t want to know how many years you spent studying — they want to get to know you.

Instead of treating your bio like LinkedIn, tell your story.  You don’t need to relay every anecdote from childhood to yesterday’s breakfast. Highlight specific parts of your life to show why you’re uniquely qualified to help your clients and let them know they can overcome their struggles.

The simpler, the better

Folks shouldn’t have to hunt all over your website to get more details about your retreat. Your page should be one long scroll, including anchors for easy navigation.

The page should include absolutely everything someone would need to know to decide. Especially your retreat promise. What will your clients gain from this? They should know right away.

Don’t forget your legal info. At the bottom of your retreat page, state clearly what’s included and what isn’t (meals, activities, spa) so your clients will know right away if they can afford your retreat. Place your cancellation policy somewhere easy to find so there’s no confusion, should the need arise.

But keep in mind your retreat page is a sales page. The page isn’t a deep-dive into every process you’ll use to help your clients transform, nor a place to detail your agenda.

Your clients don’t need to know what time lunch starts, or the three topics you’ll ask them to journal about. You’ll have touch points to share the nitty-gritty details closer to your event.

No matter how you structure your page, give your audience multiple opportunities to click through to your registration page. Some people might be sold right away, while others might need to spend more time with the page. Don’t make sign-up difficult!

When folks feel like you’re the one who can solve their problems, they’ll think your retreat is a must-do and be much more willing to sign up. An exciting, client-focused retreat page with fun copy is the ultimate tool to fill your retreat.

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Dr. Sheri Rosenthal is a business coach, international retreat leader and author. A former podiatric surgeon, Sheri left behind a successful practice, a surgical residency program which she personally designed and directed (and a couple of husbands) to find her life’s calling. She spent eight years traveling, meditating and studying ancient traditions of spiritual evolution — writing three books on personal growth and consciousness.

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